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    I've come to a realization over the years working as an artist, and it's that I love the art. However, I have a huge disdain against my artist peers; primarily in a school setting and I'll tell you why.

    With a little background on myself, I have gained a lot of experience being exposed to various kinds of artist, and what mediums they work in. I've attended numerous art schools, art classes, private art classes, taught in a private art business, entered and won various art contests, worked in an art retail store and attended various art internships/group interviews in over 12 years.

    My experiences altogether were -for a lack of better word- rewarding, shitty and learning experiences. It would feel like a waste of my time if I couldn't come out of these moments through my artistic journey in the least bit a learning lesson. Just because I do possess these experiences, it does not put value or measure my skill and/or my artworks. I would like to call myself humble, but that's really stretching it. I catch myself being a bit up there when I'm being a try-hard or acting like I know it all lol. I'm aware that I am not an exception to how I feel towards artist, and I will be the first to admit I am not perfect.

Without further ado, let me explain why I love the art, but not the artist.

    I love the art, because art gives way for people like you and me to express thoughts and feelings through visuals. Colors, composition, light, darks, form, shapes, etc. all have ways to say something without having to tell it through words, like visual arts. Art also has a way of making the audience taste something; like culinary arts. Or having to drown our ears into the pleasurable sounds of music. Art has a way of demonstrating passion and emotion through movement by dancing; allowing us to not only feeling through how our bodies move but moving along with the music. Art has a way to depict life through theatre. Art has a way of using words to illustrate ideas and feelings through writing and stories, letting our vivid imaginations take form to how we please to. Or even to capture a moment from life through photography, or the buildings we work or live in through architecture, computer art, arts and crafts, etc. 

    Art has a way of connecting with people and having to relate to them; to understand life and each other better and to appreciate aesthetics- the beauty of life as we all know it. Art is more about how we make it out to mean than what the artist intended it to serve. Art demonstrate how we individually see life, and how different these ideas are. Art can survive through time and withstand through bad times. Art can show us stories to escape to; travel to a fantasy we wish was real. We live and breathe it through our movies, books, video games, videos, magazines, etc. 

    I don't think I can drive this point home any harder than I already did.; basically writing my Ode to art. Art is our lives; whether we realize it or not. And this is why I'll always love the art. I may not always agree when I see a piece of work that doesn't look like art (*coughmodernartcough*), but art is art. Art is anything created by or from something that can be interpreted and learned from. The beauty of art is that it's subjective. It doesn't mean any of it can be right or wrong. Like with math, you can only be right or wrong. You're playing with numbers and seeing how they work; how it adds or subtracts. However, with art: your opinion is neither right or wrong. Art is what you make it out to be, and that is where the freedom lies in. Your idea of art can be different from mines. For instances, I find myself having to appreciate a piece of art more when it illustrates real life through the artist; where it intimidate life as closely and realistically as it can. You may like art for different reasons. 

    Now...with the artist...I cannot say I feel the same way.

    People are people. I get it. There will be people to like and people to dislike. However, I cannot say I like my fellow art peers; especially in a school setting (added in journal entry 03-04-17 1:22 a.m.). I find myself being trapped in a corner everytime I come face to face to a pretentious airhead. I know a lot of times I've had to provide customer service to someone needing to purchase art supplies at that art store I mentioned. Like this one prick: she asked me questions about watercolors and what brand I prefer, etc. I give her the whole rundown, and she'd give me a snotty response how she has worked with watercolors for years and did not ask for "tips" about painting.

    Or how I worked for this private painting business in my local community, and the person who ran the stinking place was a stuck-up asshole who extorted parents out of their money to teach kids how to make art look good for money rather than being skillful in creating art. She controlled what kids were allowed to paint, and didn't allow kids to be creative by painting what they wanted. She over-charged parents $125 dollars a month for a total of 5 hour session classes a month to teach kids how to paint without any foundations, yet BARKED and FIRED me for going out of my way to try to provide kids a solid foundation for them to hold onto.

    Or how I went to my local community college and had professors judge me when I wanted to change my career focus. I actually had a professor sit me down and forced me to apply to an art school when I didn't want to. On top of all that, when I did decide to go through a career change, a lot of my art professors judged me HARSHLY for it and pretended to act like I was invisible when I'd say hi to them or ask invasive questions about my new-career path when it was in the intention for them to criticize me about it and scare me away from it.

    Or how a lot of art professors wanted to fail me for asking for a challenge in my art classes and told me to get my head out my ass when I wanted to push myself creatively while I went against their class lessons a lot.

    Or when they push their biased artistic directions for me to do what they do rather than give an unbiased advice that directly applies to me.

    Or how I've entered contests with pieces that demonstrated technical skill, but lost to a piece that was straight up made with garbage bags, or conveyed cliche messages, etc.

    Or artists that brag about the art supplies they got, or how they were able to afford a Wacom Tablet.

    Or artists that get the way-pass because they know people rather than their skill.

    Or when artist create pieces that aren't original from things through our media.

    Or when an artist play with this "living as an artist is hard" complex bullshit, as shown from the show Work of Art.

    Or when an art critic is gunna act like they know what the fuck they're talking about when they like a piece that is straight-up garbage versus a piece that demonstrate risk and technical skill.

    The list can go on. I get it: people are shitty. I hate artist that try to act like they know it all. I hate when an artist extort and exploit their art for money. I hate when an artist provides biased, shitty advice to another artist who is only looking to find themselves fitting in the art world; only to excommunicate them if they decide not to follow their agenda. Look, I can be the same way: I sometime act like I know my shit and sometimes I act very arrogant. Sometimes, I forget to humble myself, but it's hard to do that when you can only be rewarded as an artist if you put yourself on blast and show off your stuff.

    Theses are the reasons why I almost gave up on art a year ago. It is why I did made a career-change; besides it being hard to make a living off it. I'm not saying that these are good excuses, and I won't let it make me give up on my passion in a million years. Art runs through my blood, and no matter what someone has to say about how I might create something, it doesn't matter. Art is just as rewarding to create it while appreciating art created from others. And with life, there are a lot of things that cannot be controlled; especially with the bullshit that are present in the art community from others. I believe that we as artist need to make our own paths and make our own decisions with what we choose to do on our artistic journey. To each their own, but artist are people and people are sometimes shitty. That's why I don't usually like them.

    Idk; that's pretty much it for my little rant. Take it as you will, but that's how I feel. It'd be cool to hear what anyone has to say about this or share any related experiences, etc. Thank you, and you may continue reading through my journal; starting with my original journal. :)


Original Journal

As an art professor has once told me: it takes two lifetimes to master the arts. I found it to be so profounding, because there is so much to learn in such little time! And I think it's just an empowering journey.

Some of the artists that I am inspired by are Maxfield Parrish, William-Adolphe Bouguereau, Tritian, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Giorgione, Vincent Van Gogh, and Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn. I have plenty other artists, but these are just my top fave TRADITIONAL artists. My fave digital artists are from this website. 

My career goals are up in the air. I do not want to make my art to be an obligation, so I no longer wish to transform it into a career anytime soon.


Mediums that I use are...


Traditional mediums:                                Digital Mediums:                            Paper:

1. Pastel (Chalk, Soft, etc...)                     1. Photoshop CS6                        1. Bristol
2. Charcoal                                              2. Scanner                                  2. Mixed Media
3. Pencils (2b, 4h, 4b, etc...)                     3. Bamboo Tablet + pen              3. Watercolor (90 lb or more)
4. Prismacolor                                          4. Mouse
5. Watercolor pencils
6. Color pencil blenders
7. Oil Pastel
8. Regular color pencils
9. Markers
10. Fixative
11. Watercolor paint
12. Acrylic 
13. Ink Heart

And other-kinds-that-I-cannot-remember-at-the-moment...


Regarding fanart (and this is regarding those weird, fetish types!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), I don't believe it's entirely art because it's not of your own. Sure, nothing in art history is original. Hell, even the Renaissance artists did "fanart" of biblical scripture. However, I mean regarding those over-filtered, fetish-type fanart. I can appreciate a good fanart. Just not bad ones. I honestly rarely do fanart, and if I do, it would be for a contest or I wanna stimulate my creative senses and create a new technique for my portrait works. There's always room for improvement! :) (Smile)


I plan on creating new fanart, such as:

1. Majora's Mask

2. Legend of Zelda

3. Little Mermaid

4. Miku Hatsune and Luka Megurine

5. Kingdom Hearts

6. My series

7. Inuyasha (Check off my list for completion! *Inuyasha and Kagome 2*)

I little something about me is that I love realism. I do not favor anime.
I don't feel like explaining that at this moment. If anyone wants to make a journal or go further on this, ask me.

That's it. Like I said, I'll update this in the future and add more to this.


Like a lot of us artist here, we should strive to support each other and give each other good advice. It's important to ask questions, and communicating with others. So, here are some of my forum links or journals you might wanna check out if you have questions or you like reading things from other artists. It's good to get different perspectives:

1. How to practice drawing? Use Element of Design (Click on title)

2. Share me your art!! Looking for people to watch and fave

3. Share meh 3-5 of either your best fanart or original

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15. How to become motivated to draw more often?

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18. Strategy for drawing faces and poses

19. This is probably asked often, but how do I become a better artist?

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28. How long should it take to paint a portrait?

29. Which paint is the best to make portraits: acrylics or oils?

30. How to become a professional artist in a short amount of time?

31What's your niche in art?


Have a good day! :) (Smile)



Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm an aspiring artist, and I want to create a portraiture business! I am also fond of trying an illustration career, or maybe starting my own animation series. However, I love people portraits, because it always something new with faces.

I'm nice and friendly, but I can be shy and quiet; may come off cold or intimidating.

Brief back story about myself: Video games has inspired me to become who I am now: an artist. I used to draw anime, but I no longer believe that it's art, because the style is unoriginal. It's not art. Anyone and everyone can do it. However, through school, I have found that portraiture is where I believe I should really pursue for, and I'm willing to make that happen.

Currently attending community college in Fine Arts.

I love realism and semi-realism. I love colorful artworks!!

I might add more to this. :la:


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